about Senjoy

SENJOY, is an ageTech startup with mobile app for senior citizens. Our goal is to change the lifestyle of senior citizens through digital enablement and  providing them everything they might need with just one tap on the app. Senjoy mobile app designed specially for senior citizen needs. Senjoy is meant to transform the lifestyle of urban senior citizens. Mobile app has three components, first is a marketplace for services, second is connectivity with family and third is social community needs. The marketplace would organise the service providers industry for senior citizens. With the gig economy becoming stronger, it will allow lots of independent service providers to reach out to maximum consumers in hyperlocal model.

services Marketplace

Book any of the services that you may need in one single click. From daily chores help to learn a new skill, we have it all.

Medical & Health

Caregivers, Doctors, Physiotherapy…


Yoga, Fitness, Diet & nutrition…

Travel & Tour

Tirth Yatra, Holiday, Ticket, Picnic…


Legal, Banking, Insurance, Property…


Games, Events, Hobby & Activities…


Music, Dance, Language, Digital…


Helper, Driver, Handyman, Deliveries…


Puja, Satsang, Astrology, Bhajan…

services Family Hub

Everything about your parent’s well being in just a tap. Track Parent’s health and wellness information in real time no matter which part of the world you are.

services Community

Explore the community where you can connect with like minded people to do whatever you want to do.

Coming Soon on Mobile

differentiator Senjoy

Explore the community where you can connect with like minded people to do whatever you want to do.

Simplified UX mobile interface

Mobile app is no big deal these days, but only few make it to consumer adoption, right? Because making things simpler is the most difficult part and we have done taken that tough route. Senjoy is super simple, and easy to use. The entire app UX is designed with touch, tap, swipe functionality which will provide an easy and smooth user adoption for our seniors.

One app for everything

While every other provider in this space is focused on elderly care, we have a model for seniors so where they can enjoy life through digital and mobile app. whether need any help for couple of hours, or want some to do gupshup, or book a service or just get to learn a new language, or arrange a satsang, we have partner in all space to provide a satisfied fun filled lifestyle.

Hyperlocal service model

We believe in power of ecosystem, we know the value of connected networks and partners. We also know the power of youth and future of gig-economy. We have a super strong network of 250+ partners to provide different services to our seniors. The range of services are so wide that it would cover almost all the need of our seniors from their start of the day to the bed time.